TikTok: What It Is, How It Works, and Why Its Popular

what is tiktok stock symbol

TikTok is 100% owned and controlled by ByteDance, a private Chinese technology company. ByteDance, however, has a number of outside investors, two of which are public companies. ByteDance is the Chinese company that owns TikTok, a social media platform that has become incredibly popular all over the world. What we really care about is helping you, and seeing you succeed as a trader. We want the everyday person to get the kind of training in the stock market we would have wanted when we started out.

what is tiktok stock symbol

Perform your own due diligence and make sure you want to own the complete portfolio of companies before choosing to invest. We will help to challenge your ideas, skills, and perceptions of the stock market. Every day people join our community and we welcome them with open arms. We are much more than just a place to learn how to trade stocks.

Is TikTok Stock a Threat to Facebook?

It took just 9 months for TikTok to reach 100 million users. Now, TikTok is one of just 6 social media apps with more than 1 billion monthly active users. It’s important to treat day trading stocks, options, futures, and swing trading like you would with getting a professional degree, a new trade, or starting any new career.

what is tiktok stock symbol

Highly respected journalists break stories using Twitter, and many people claim that they get news and discussion from the app. Analysts estimate that WeChat messaging is used by 30% of mobile users in China, and over one billion payments are processed every day using WeChat Pay. In 2021, companies Walmart and Oracle were going to own a stake in a US division of TikTok named TikTok Global. Understandably, many investors were excited, but the deal fizzled out and was put on ice indefinitely. Several experts have attributed TikTok’s massive success to its impressive AI algorithms. Artificial intelligence algorithms help organize TikTok’s content and are responsible for what people see when they open their profile page and check their feeds.

Launched in its present form in 2018, TikTok joined the ranks of social media giants in record time. As of February 2024, it has been downloaded approximately 4.7 billion times. Influencers who gain a steady audience on TikTok offer snippets of advice and tips along with self-promotion.

How to Invest in ByteDance, the Company Who Owns TikTok

Amid slow progress on the IPO, ByteDance bought back $3 billion in shares at a $300 billion valuation to allow early investors to cash out some of their equity without an IPO. In late 2023, ByteDance offered to buy back stock from shareholders for $160 per share, valuing the company at $223.5 billion. TikTok is an astronomically popular web app, with more than 4.5 billion downloads worldwide. TikTok allows users to make short videos and distribute them within the app’s following. Most of the videos are based on entertainment, hijinks, and comedy.

  1. Impressively, across 9 funding rounds ByteDance has raised a total of US$7.4 billion, according to CrunchBase.
  2. With its personalized feeds of quirky short videos set to music and sound effects, the app is notable for its addictive quality and high levels of engagement.
  3. Most recently, the company has opened a $300 million share repurchase program for employees at a price of $160 per share, implying a $223.5 billion valuation.
  4. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.
  5. In 2020, then-US President Donald Trump signed executive order to ban TikTok in the US within 45 days if the parent company ByteDance did not sell it to an American company.
  6. President Donald J. Trump (R-Florida), think TokTok is a security threat because the AI gathers massive amounts of user data.

Our chat rooms will provide you with an opportunity to learn how to trade stocks, options, and futures. You’ll see how other members are doing it, share charts, share ideas and gain knowledge. TikTok doesn’t offer a stock symbol https://www.forex-world.net/ to trade because they are a privately owned company. TikTok is a privately owned Chinese company, and they don’t have a stock symbol. Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media apps you can invest in now.

If you’re considering buying KKR to own ByteDance, you should make sure you like the other 98.1% of the company as well. Although the company had plans to IPO on either the NYSE or Nasdaq exchanges in 2021, this move was blocked by Chinese regulators. Also, we provide you with free options courses that teach you how to implement our trades as well. Analysts estimate TikTok Global’s valuation to be $60 billion.


The final option for acquiring shares in TikTok is to approach the other private equity firms that own a stake in the company. Similar to TikTok, ByteDance is a privately held company, so you cannot directly invest in either of them. You can, however, invest in KKR & Co Inc, which owns a stake in ByteDance. It’s not a direct investment, but it’s likely as close as you can get before we see a TikTok IPO. TikTok is a privately held company owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance, so it does not have a stock. This could change in the future, as the rumor mill has reported that TikTok may opt for an IPO in the upcoming years.

ByteDance was reportedly worth up to $140 billion by mid-2020, based on the private sale of a small stake in the company. TikTok LIVE allows users and creators to interact in real-time. Users ages 16 and older can launch LIVEs, and those age 18 or older may send and receive gifts during a LIVE. Our March report reveals the 3 “Strong Buy” stocks that market-beating analysts predict will outperform over the next year. If you want to own Tik Tok stock, buy shares of KKR or SFTBY. Click on the image below to view the current offerings for ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) on EquityBee.

Should I invest in TikTok?

The report typically provides insights into the company’s revenue, user growth, and profitability, critical indicators of its performance and market position. One significant piece of news is Tencent’s cost-cutting measures and strategic shifts in response to a challenging regulatory environment and a slowdown in the tech sector. The company has been reducing its workforce in some areas and selling off portions of its investment portfolio, including a stake in Meituan, to raise capital. This move to sell part of its stake in the food delivery giant for about $3.5 billion indicates a focus on core businesses and financial prudence.

What’s more, an early investment in any of the above platforms would have generated massive returns. Just choose the course level that you’re most https://www.investorynews.com/ interested in and get started on the right path now. When you’re ready you can join our chat rooms and access our Next Level training library.

How much does trading cost?

He said TikTok is a good platform to make short videos that can be both educational and humorous, but it can also be risky for new investors. Hankwitz initially turned to Youtube to create stock market content, but realized he wasn’t able to compete with creators who were already established on that platform. He said TikTok is more accessible for new creators, and it’s algorithm enables videos from new creators to go viral. Of the publicly traded social media companies surveyed here, only Facebook (FB) and Tencent Holdings (TCEHY) make money. Snap Inc., the parent company of the popular social media platform Snapchat, has made recent business news with several key developments. There are publicly traded companies similar to TikTok Global and ByteDance you can invest in now.

You can become an investor in private companies like ByteDance, Reddit, and Stripe. In spite of this popularity and as noted above – ByteDance and by extension TikTok – remain privately https://www.dowjonesanalysis.com/ listed. This ultimately means there is no easy way for investors and traders to speculate on the company as well as no clear or transparent valuation for the general public.

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